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2019 is the inaugural year of the Alliance of American football (AAF), an all-new football league, was seeking to bridge the gap between NFL seasons. Unfortunately, after one season in 2019, the AAF terminated its operations. Find out more about what happened in this article.

Alliance League Betting Guide

Now that NJ Online Gambling is legal there’s a bunch of different NJ Online Sports Betting operators who are already offering odds on Alliance League betting. AAF betting will eventually be done through the AAF app, which is made in partnership with MGM. The AAF app will allow for in-play Alliance League betting, which will feel incredibly connected to the game in real time. Player’s will able to bet on things like will the next drive be a touchdown? Or Who will get the next touchdown.

Alliance League betting

New Developments from the AAF

Although it’s just started out, the AAF is gaining great traction, made up of a great pool of talent taken from ex-NFL and college players. In the future, the league expects to be able to attract bigger names, from either the college system or those excluded from the NFL (like Colin Kaepernick or Tim Tebow). This truly has the potential to radicalize the game of football, particularly given the historical problems with the NCAA system.

Top prospects who are thinking of applying to college will eventually see the AAF as a real option, where they can actually reap the rewards of putting their bodies on the line, unlike with the NCAA. As a result, the Alliance League is aiming to one day be both the second league in America, and to provide a comparable product to the NFL.

This is an exciting new time for football in the states and will certainly come with a host of different features and new approaches to promotion. For instance, the Alliance League is releasing an app which will allow for you to stream all Alliance football games for free on your mobile device. This is with a view to eventually integrate Alliance League betting into the app, to bring you even closer to the action.

There are some great ways to do some AAF betting with all these AAF odds choices. Eventually, you will able to use the AAF mobile app in order to do this directly, which also gives you an option as to how to watch AAF.

AAF schedule and teams

The Alliance League schedule lasts for 10 weeks from 9th February, which is 6 days following the end of the NFL season and the Super Bowl. This means that the AAF schedule fits neatly into the NFL offseason. If you’re wondering how to watch Alliance of American Football, then look no further.

The AAF schedule is split into 2 leagues, a Western and an Easter Conference. In total, there are 8 teams in the Alliance League, who are all from places below the 35th parallel. The top two teams from each conference will make it into the Alliance Football Playoffs, where they will be able to compete for the Alliance Football League trophy. Here’s a list of all the teams, which compete as part of the AAF schedule:

  • Orlando Apollos
  • Birmingham Iron
  • Memphis Express
  • Atlanta Legends
  • San Antonio Commanders
  • Arizona Hotshots
  • San Diego Fleet
  • Salt Lake Stallions

If you want to know how to watch the Alliance League, teams play every weekend, which will be streamed from an AAF broadcast. The Alliance Football League can be expected to put on a truly great AAF schedule leading into the playoffs. The AAF schedule for the playoffs will begin on the 20th of April, with the final being played on the 27th.  You can, of course, get all the action and information on how to watch AAF from the AAF mobile app.

AAF rules

When designing the AAF rules, it was important for Charlie Ebersol to both preserve the integrity of the standard NFL rules whilst also streamlining the game. At the same time, Alliance League betting was in mind at the get-go. As a result, the rules are completely recognizable to the average football viewer, with a few tweaks. We’ll go through some of the main differences here:

Only 2-point conversions

Once a team scores a touchdown, under AAF rules, they will only be able to score a 2-point conversion. This gets rid of single point conversions, which I think we can agree are so predictably scorable that they are almost boring.

No kickoffs

Instead of kick offs, the team who has just conceded a touchdown will start with the ball at their 25-yard line. This is also the way that a team will start a half.

No onside kicks

Under AAF rules, instead of onside kicks, teams will have the chance to convert a fourth a 12 from their own 28-yard line. If the team succeeds, they retain possession, if they don’t the other team gets possession where the attempt failed.

Review system

The Alliance Football League will also make use of a ninth official for its games. This ref is responsible for all replays and can make calls on the field that the other refs might miss. The referee on the field will also have direct radio communication with the 9th official, making replays smoother and less disruptive to the game.


The AAF rules also have something to say about overtime, which has been a problem for NFL viewers for years now. Under AAF rules, teams get the ball starting on the 10-yard line with 4 downs. Field goals are not permitted during overtime.

If you loved kicking in the NFL, then the AAF is clearly not a great league for kickers. However, if you feel that too much time was wasted on plays like 1-point conversions, or that overtime is a little unfair, then the AAF rules may be a welcome change.


The AAF mobile app is something that will really set Alliance football apart from its competitors. Plus, the app is designed so that live streaming the Alliance of American Football couldn’t be easier.

You can get all games on the AAF schedule through the AAF mobile app, with the eventual hope that you will be able to make use of a number of live and in-play Alliance League betting markets through the AAF app. Currently, the AAF mobile app is designed with the main intention of providing a streaming service for Alliance football games but has the aim of providing AAF betting in the future.

AAF app

The AAF app is, of course, available on both iOS and Android platforms. This means that you can pick up the AAF mobile app from both the Play Store and the App store. As a result, the AAF mobile app is available to use across a range of tablet and mobile devices.

So if you don’t know how to watch the Alliance of American football games, this app is certainly the best place to start. Currently, it will provide a great way to get an AAF broadcast straight to your mobile device. In the future, we expect it to provide a host of great in play AAF odds and AAF betting features.

AAF Week 4

In order to give you a sense of the type of action which has been unfolding at the Alliance Football League, we’re going to take you through a slice of week 4’s action.

This week, the Birmingham Iron met the San Antonio Commanders in what proved to be an excellent defensive display from the Commanders. Birmingham Iron have up to this point been undefeated, but the Commander’s taking away their dangerous running game left the Iron’s offense tired and one dimensional. As a result, the Iron slumped to a 12-11 defeat, throwing the conference wide open.

Denard Robinson also got his first touchdown in the AAF, with an excellent 9-yard run. This college star is showing signs of growth in the AAF and is certainly one to look out for with new touchdowns in the future.

How to watch the AAF

Wondering how to watch alliance of American football? Well with the fantastic AAF mobile app there’s no obstacle to what games you can watch. Currently, Alliance League games are to be streamed live over the app service, which will allow you to take advantage of all this great content for free. This is an amazing innovation in sports broadcasting, allowing for the AAF to reach millions no matter their budget.

As well as through using the AAF app, you will also be capable of staying up to date with all the latest action through TV channels like TNT, CBS, and the NFL Network. The fact that such large media outlets like TNT and CBS have picked up the AAF shows how much traction it’s getting, and the faith placed in it by investors.

AAF Investors and Partners

Of course, it’s important to understand what sort of momentum exists for the AAF to take off. As a result, we’re going to quickly take you through some of the major investments which have poured into the AAF.

One of the truly massive initial investments came from Tom Dundon, who is the owner of the Carolina Hurricanes. He has pledged up to a maximum of $250 million into the league in order to kickstart it. This shows a massive level of confidence in the future of the league, and an expectation to make a return on that investment. This investment is something that has really assisted the league in progressing as fast as it has.

MGM Resorts is another great partnership which Alliance football has secured. This is a sports betting partnership, where MGM will become the main way to provide in-game betting on contests. This is also the way that the app will operate, being used through MGM’s gambling license. Hopefully, Alliance League betting in the app will arrive soon.

AAF Round-Up

The Alliance League has come to shake up the way that fans across the states enjoy the football season, giving them a chance to continue the fun throughout the NFL offseason. The league also offers a way for every fan to watch live AAF matches for free, getting access to AAF betting, the AAF schedule and AAF broadcasts through the excellent AAF app. Sports betting has yet to have been integrated into this system, but will undoubtedly form a core part of the app’s usage. We can’t wait for the playoffs this season, and we hope you can’t either!

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