Best New Jersey sports betting apps

Since the Supreme Court ruling in May of this year that paved the way for several individual states to begin the process of legalizing sports betting, the internet has literally exploded with thousands of the best online betting apps. With seemingly infinite websites promoting their betting app for iPhone or their betting app for Android, it can be hard to know which apps and websites are legit.

While online casinos have certainly changed the face of gambling, the arrival of the best sports betting apps has brought things to a whole new level. Over three out of every four people in the United States have a smartphone, and the best sports betting apps bring you the power to make bets from wherever you are. Even if you are stuck in a lengthy, after hours business meeting or a family dinner that is taking place right before a long-anticipated game, the best betting apps reviewed below will make sure that you never miss an opportunity.

Below, we will be ranking the best betting apps on the market today. Since sports gambling is still in a bit of a legal flux, large tech companies like Google and Apple have only recently begun to approve the best sports betting apps for US-based customers. For that reason, we will specify the best betting app for iPhone and the best betting app for Android along with other important criteria.
Best sports betting apps

What are the best sports betting apps?


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While the best sports betting app for you will largely depend on the type of betting you plan to do, the sports that you follow and bet on, the type of smartphone you use, and other considerations, there are certainly some features that all of the best sport betting apps have in common.

From our perspective, the best online betting apps are those that include a deposit option for easy access to waging your bets. While some of the best sports betting apps only allow you to wager in Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies, others will allow for all different types of credit card payment options. Furthermore, the best online betting apps also should include a bet tracker which will allow you to easily follow up on the bets you have made. Instead of betting a five game parlay and then forgetting which bets you actually wagered on, we think that the best sports betting apps should allow you to easily track those bets.

Lastly, while some NJ betting apps are tailored to one specific sport, we think that the best online betting apps are those that include several betting options for different sports. That way you won’t have to download several different apps in order to bet on an NFL game on Sunday, an MLB game on Monday, and a Champions League soccer match on Tuesday.
Before we jump into our rankings, it is worth mentioning that none of what you will read below is sponsored content, so you can rest assured that our rankings are based solely on a thorough and unbiased review of the best sports betting apps on the market today.

Read on to find our review of the SugarHouse Sportsbook Mobile App, the DraftKings Sports Betting App, the 888Sports Betting App, and the BetStars Sports Betting App.

SugarHouse Sportsbook Mobile App

This NJ betting app only recently entered the market after launching in late August of this year. One of the main attractions of this app is that they offer over five million live in-game bet options, along with a whole assortment of pre-game wagers. This app allows you to bet on all of the major North American sports along with popular European sports such as international soccer, rugby, cricket, and others. It even allows you to try your hand at betting in niche sports such as cycling. SugarHouse Sportsbook Mobile app also offers 12 different deposit methods and is currently offering a welcome bonus of 100% match on up to $250 on your first deposit!

  • Offers 5 million live, in-game bet options, such as betting on whether the next batter will get a hit or a walk, or the next team to score a point.
  • Allows you to switch between the online casino and sports betting app.
  • SugarHouse has a quick and easy registration process to help you get started betting.

FanDuel Sportsbook App

FanDuel is one of the big online operators in the Garden State (and they’re poised to take over the rest of the US sports betting environment as well). For a long time, Fanduel has been a top fantasy sports provider but since the opportunity has arisen, they’ve taken to the sports betting world. Their online sports betting website is intuitive and easy to read; a huge plus since sports betting is going to be a new form of entertainment to a lot of new bettors. On mobile, you’ve got access to all the same services that you see online. Their app is available for both iOS and Android and functions just as well on tablets as it does on phones.

  • Risk-Free bet up to $500 at FanDuel
  • Simple to use mobile apps for sports betting

DraftKings Sports Betting App

DraftKings is mostly known as a leader in fantasy sports. However, it recently launched its sportsbook app for people wanting to get into online sports betting. This is one of the best sports betting apps if you enjoy a wide range of betting options, including live, in-game bets, cross-sport parlays, moneylines, round robin bets, futures, spread betting, prop bets, and others. The DraftKings sports betting app is also a great options because it can be easily downloaded and allows you to bet on several different sports, including pro and college football betting, basketball, hockey, baseball, golf, soccer, among other sports.

  • One interesting promo they offer is a free bet on your first wager.
  • Another interesting feature is that the DraftKings app allows you to parlay your activity in fantasy sports to specific betting opportunities that show up in your sports betting app. If you are big into fantasy sports, this can be a fun feature.
  • On the downside, since this is a NJ betting app, your winnings will be subject to 13 percent state tax that is not necessarily included with other apps.
  • Another potential problem with this app is that it doesn’t list its limits meaning that you will have to get individually approved for high bets which could be a timely process for high rollers.


How is the 888Sports betting app?

The 888Sports betting app comes from one of the leaders in the online gambling industry. This app is unique in that it offers dozens of promotions and bonuses throughout the sports year, and also has a unique software and interface that makes it easy to make and follow your bets. For people who enjoy high bets, this app also has some of the highest wagering limits. On the downside, since this betting app is located in Europe, there may be some hidden fees associated with certain payout methods.

  • Competitive odds that are on par with some of the most well-known and trusted bookmakers.
  • Several great promotions, including money back guarantees.
  • The 888Sports Betting App also has a large list of deposit and withdrawal options.
  • This app also conveniently has zero cashier fees.
  • As a sign up offer, you are offered 3x winnings on your first bet.

Is the BetStars sports betting app any good?

This is another of the bets sports betting apps on the market and offers an impressive $500 dollar new player bonus once you sign up. This online sports betting app was created by the makes of Poker Stars, one of the leaders in the online gambling industry. Early cash out option also allows you to not lose on a bet when your team blows a 28-3 half time lead…sound familiar?

  • Several different types of in-game betting options.
  • This app also offers a fun spin and bet feature where you can potentially multiply your winnings by up to 10 times.
  • BetStars betting app allows you to wager in 25 different sports.

What should you look for in a mobile sports betting app?

While the four sports betting apps reviewed above all offer high-quality online sports betting experiences from the convenience of your smartphone, how do you know which one is the best for you?

For first-time sports bettors, you should probably search for an app that has a relatively simple software layout. This will allow you to not get lost in a myriad of options you probably won’t understand. More experienced bettors can, of course, opt for more complex interfaces that offer more options. In terms of the file size, most betting apps are relatively small, meaning that you can potentially download several different apps without them negatively affecting the performance of your smartphone. On the other hand, finding a slightly “heavier” app that allows you to bet on several different types of games might make it easier than having to switch between different apps to follow the MLB, NFL, and NBA games that you are betting on.

With all of the competition between different sports betting apps, you can easily find an option that offers quality sign up bonuses. If you are struggling to choose between two apps that have similar features, it simply makes sense to choose the option that offers you a better sign up bonus or promotion.

Lastly, when it comes to iOS vs. Android, both Google and Apple have recently allowed US-based bettors to download betting apps from their online stores. While US legislation used to make it difficult to download these options unless you lived in Nevada or New Jersey, today it is far easier to find the best sports betting apps for either iPhone or Android devices. Furthermore, many of the best apps out there are available for both operating systems.

Best New Jersey sports betting apps
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