Freehold Raceway Sportsbook in New Jersey

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The New Jersey sports betting operators’ list is about to get larger with the Freehold Raceway Sportsbook on its way. Based on the recent news, we are expecting the new Freehold Raceway sports betting platform to start operating in 2019.

The 3rd NJ racetrack will most likely serve as this sportsbook’s base of operations.

Read on to see what features we are hoping to see from this brand.

Available Information on the Freehold Raceway Sports Betting Platform

There aren’t many details available about the Freehold Raceway Sportsbook at the moment. Bettors in the Garden State can expect to see more info as the launch date approaches. We will also update our review when this happens, so stay tuned!

Freehold Raceway Sportsbook Info Details
Sportsbook Location TBA
Freehold Raceway Sports Betting Bonus TBA
Start Date TBA
Promo Code TBA

In the meantime, let’s find out what we are expecting from this new NJ online sports betting operator.

Freehold Raceway Sportsbook Promotions

Most of the time, the NJ sports betting platforms will provide their players with various types of promotions.

For example, some of the common bonuses include:

  • A first deposit match;
  • Free bets;
  • No-deposit bonus;
  • Cash Back and similar.

That being said, we will most likely see some of these promotions available at the Freehold Raceway Sportsbook.

These offers always aim to attract the new players on the platform. Thus, they will probably be available for new players only.

As for the other promotions, we might see some rewards for the users who refer their friends or do something similar.

Some operators on the market are also giving their social media fans extra bonuses.

This is a good way to gain the popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and similar platforms.

We still need to wait and see how will the Freehold Raceway sports betting platform organize their promotions before we make any more predictions on this topic.

It is probably a good idea for you to save this page on your device and check it later for any updates on this topic.

Freehold Raceway Sportsbook Odds Review

Since this Freehold Raceway sports betting website is not live yet, we can’t review their odds.

Yet, we are hoping to see some competitive odds from them after they start operating in NJ.

If there is going to be a Live Betting feature on this NJ sports betting platform, will probably see some good dynamic odds as well.

The Freehold Raceway Sportsbook is most likely going to showcase their odds using the American odds formats. These odds are shown with the minus and plus signs.

Odds preceded with the minus sign are reserved for the match favorites, while those with the plus sign are reserved for the underdogs.

There are also Fractional odds available at some sportsbooks on the market. These odds, however, are more popular in the UK and Ireland.

Fractional odds are presented with two numbers, separated with the ˝/˝ sign, e.g. 7/1.

And while we are talking about the odds in general, you might stumble upon the decimal odds too.

These are called the European odds and you can easily calculate your winnings by multiplying your stake with your odds.

NJ Sports Betting at the Freehold Raceway Sportsbook

Once they start operating in NJ, Freehold Raceway sports betting platform will probably offer a lot of different sports to bet on.

As the others already well established bookmakers in NJ such as Pointsbet, Sugarhouse or Resorts, NJ players will most likely enjoy daily football, basketball, hockey and other games. These will probably be divided into different sports categories.

We are hoping to see popular American sports leagues like:

  1. NFL
  2. MLB
  4. NBA
  5. MLS, etc.

The design of the Freehold Raceway sports betting website is probably going to be simple. User experience is very important these days, especially in the online betting industry.

Bettors in the Garden State will most likely have an opportunity to get the Freehold Raceway Sportsbook promo code.

They might use this code to activate this operator’s welcome offer.

Freehold Raceway Sports Betting Partnership Status

At the moment, there is no specific information regarding the Freehold Raceway partnership with another brand.

We know that they need this partnership in order to open up an online version of the Freehold Raceway Sportsbook.

Once we discover more news on this topic, we will update this part of our review. Thus, make sure to revisit it from time to time and see the latest information.

Mobile Sports Betting at the Freehold Raceway Sportsbook

For now, it remains unclear whether we are going to see mobile apps coming from this sports betting website.

The Freehold Raceway sports betting app would be a great addition to their website.

Of course, it would be even better if this mobile app becomes available for both iOS and Android devices.

If that doesn’t happen, we will probably have, at the very least, a mobile-friendly website.

This means that the players will most likely be able to use their browser-based clients like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc. to access this website and place their bets online.


All in all, these are very interesting times for the New Jersey online betting community. We are all excited about this new brand and waiting for them to launch this sports betting platform.

For more information on this, make sure to save this page on your device and check it from time to time. We will do our best to keep you up to date on the Freehold Raceway and its launch date.

In the meantime, you can check any of our other reviews on this site and see if there is something else that you like.

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