What is Over/Under Betting?

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When you plan to bet on sports, you will want to become familiar with how to read odds, types of bets, and how each works. Here, we take a closer look at over under betting and provide you with some useful information that can help you determine when to place this type of bet. To be successful, you need to have some knowledge. Since each sport has different types of bets available, it is essential to understand these bets. Make sure you know when to place a parlay bet or how point spread betting can result in some great payouts. Read on to learn all about over/under betting at leading sites and find out why this is a preferred betting option for many who are just getting started with online wagering.

The Basics of Over Under Betting

Over/Under betting is one of the three major types of bets that can be placed on major sporting events. It is a very simple bet that involves choosing one of the two outcomes in a game. The goal is to project the total number of points that will be scored in a game by both teams. Referred to as a total bet, over under betting is a basic way to get in on the action of sports wagering at leading online sites. Let’s take a look at an example using Super Bowl LI. The two teams were the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. The over/under for the game was predicted at 59.5, which is actually the highest in Super Bowl history. The goal here is to place a bet on whether these two teams scored more or less than the projected amount of points. The actual score of the game was 34-28, so the over bet would have won. If the game score was 20-17, the under would be the winner. Over-under betting is very simple and does not take much knowledge to enjoy. However, you do need to consider the teams involved, their scoring trends and other factors, which are discussed later.
over under betting

Determine Over Under Payouts

When you place an over-under bet, you should know how to determine how much you can win. Luckily, this type of bet is very easy to understand. Plus, you can quickly calculate the amount you could win. When wagering on high scoring games, you will often find the payout to be -110. This means that when you place a $10 wager and you win, you will get a profit of around $9.09. Most online sportsbooks will not list the odds for any high scoring game because you would assume it to be -100. Low scoring games will have different odds. These games are usually hockey, baseball, and soccer. The total score for these types of games tends to be in the single digits. For soccer, the over/under is typically set at +2.5. However, if the bookmaker thinks it will be a high-scoring game, they can shift the payouts. This would be indicated by -180 and +150 for over and under respectively. In this case, an overs bet would pay $5.56 profit on a $10 bet and an under would earn a profit of $15.

Benefits of Over Under Betting on Sports

In addition to being a simple bet to place, there are some other great benefits to over-under betting. There’s flexibility since you’re not just wagering on who will win. Also, enjoy the game flow predictions instead of focusing on a final score. Even if you are not sure who the winner will be, you still have a chance to earn profits. This type of bet is also beneficial to a new sports bettor online. It does not require extensive knowledge or research, so it provides a great way to quickly start enjoying the thrills and possible profits at online sportsbooks. Over-under betting offers a unique way to wager on sports even if there are two teams that you do not enjoy watching. The same holds true if two of your favorites are playing. With the over/under bet, you can bet against or for both teams and have some great chances to earn returns on that wager. Obviously, you would take the under bet if you want both teams to perform poorly or fail. On the flip side, an over bet will support both teams that are playing. Naturally, the hope is that they will score more than the predicted total.

Tips for Over Under Betting

No matter what sport you are betting on or what type of wager you have chosen to place, you will need a good betting strategy to generate payouts. When you are placing an over/under bet, there are many considerations and you need to be aware of the multiple factors that could affect a game outcome or player performance. Consider some of these most common factors when placing a bet:
  • Weather
  • Scoring trends
  • Match-ups
  • Injuries
  • Public betting habits
  • Team & player motivation
Each factor will require some research. For example, bad weather can lead to poor individual and team performance. However, if a team is used to playing in poor weather conditions, you will want to take this into account when placing your wager. A team like the New England Patriots are built for cold weather play, so you would be making a mistake if you assumed there would be a low scoring game or poor player performance.
Scoring trends also play an important role with over/under betting. Make sure you know what teams have higher scoring percentages. Also, do research about previous match-ups between the two teams. This way you learn from past game results. It goes without saying that injuries change the outcome of any game. If a key player is injured, the team may not perform as well. This leads to losses or lower scoring games. One of the best ways to stay informed is to check on player stats frequently. If you are looking for the latest information, you should consider engaging in in-play betting. Here, you can alter your wagers as games take place, so if a player does get injured, you may be able to save yourself some major losses.

Multiple Totals Bets

There will be some opportunities to bet on multiple totals for the same bet. Let’s say the standard totals line in a soccer match is +2.5. You may find that some bookmakers will offer the chance to bet on additional lines, such as +3.5 or -1.5. This allows you a choice if you think the game will be high or low-scoring. Multiple totals have a higher risk as you will have to be better at predicting the final score for both teams, but the rewards will be increased and can lead to a very profitable NJ Online Sports Betting experience. You will find that some sports will always have multiple lines available, so be sure to check with various bookmakers when you are looking for this wagering opportunity.

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