PGA Looking to Launch Golfbet in 2020

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What’s Golfbet all about?

The PGA Tour (major golf tour organizer) is introducing a dedicated platform for golf betting content called GolfBet in association with The Action Network, which is a media company engaged in the analysis of sports betting insights. 

GolfBet is set to be a part of the website and mobile app of The Action Network. The PGA Tour will provide the media company with official statistics and video highlights from ShotLink. Besides its sports betting news and data analytics, The Action Network provides users with the ability to keep a tab on bets that they have placed on certain third-party sportsbooks.

The strategic partnership

Through the association, the PGA TOUR will offer:

  • Distribution of GolfBet content through digital platforms, 
  • Video footage access rights to aid GolfBet video content, and 
  • Official PGA TOUR data to make sure that the platform and The Action Network give golf enthusiasts and bettors accurate data and gripping content.

The Action Network is undoubtedly the best partner to create a content platform to inform and entertain fans as well as sports bettors about responsible golf betting while fortifying the gaming ecosystem. It is expected that the content on GolfBet and the boom of sports betting will increase engagement of golf fans and the overall audience.

The PGA TOUR has been actively engaged in the sports betting space. In 2018, it announced a partnership with Genius Sports for an integrity program to protect its competitions from potential outside gambling-related influences. The TOUR also joined hands with IMG ARENA to grant licenses to global betting operators for live scoring data—something that will transform in-play golf betting. 

In August 2018, the TOUR struck a partnership with DraftKings to reintroduce “PGA TOUR DraftKings Fantasy Golf,” to set DraftKings apart in the realm of daily fantasy sports. Presently, by launching GolfBet, the TOUR is coming up with a powerful sports betting content ecosystem that brings together the best of two worlds – daily fantasy sports and sports betting.

In a season of the PGA TOUR, there are about 1.2 million golf shots, which represent a humungous avenue for in-play betting. There are new markets for sports betting operators who enjoy access to official data of the PGA TOUR. Not to forget, there are tremendous content generation opportunities too. The Action Network possesses the expertise to create a wide array of tools, data analysis, and other types of content—something that will enable golf fans and sports bettors to comprehend, access, and relish these opportunities as the market grows.

Besides The Action Network creating a major chunk of the weekly Golfbet content with well-known industry experts like Josh Perry, Peter Jennings, and Jason Sobel, the platform will also partner with other media agencies to fuel its operations. 

The collaboration between the PGA TOUR and The Action Network is largely complementary, and an information center like GolfBet, delivering high-quality content to educate users about golf betting, will reap net positive results for the expanding golf betting sector. The content on GolfBet is set to be subscription free. The PGA TOUR and The Action Network intend to collaborate with domestic media partners of TOUR, along with Discovery, as the platform continues to gain traction on a global scale.

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