Pointsbet Now Officially a XFL Betting Operator

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PointsBet, a giant US and Australian sportsbook operator has announced its deal that it has struck to be an authorized gaming operator of the XFL American football league. As part of this deal, the sportsbook operator will now offer weekly content from the XFL. It’s now able to access the official data of the league and its content to use across its online and mobile platforms.

PointsBet will also join hands with FoxBet, which will be an authorized gaming operator of the football league. Terms and conditions regarding the financial bit were not revealed when the initial announcement came. However, it is expected that both parties will enjoy a win-win situation due to this deal.

What’s XFL all about?

The XFL is a professional football league in America with its headquarters located in Stamford, Connecticut. Alpha Entertainment, which belongs to Vince McMahon, owns this football league. When it comes to its structure, eight teams from all over the United States participate in it. 

Presently, the NFL franchise is the major representative of the markets. The teams compete in a 10-game season as well as a 2-week postseason in the spring and winter months. The official TV partners of the league are ESPN, ABC, and Fox Sports.

What about Pointsbet and the deal?

Originally, Pointsbet Sportsbook is from Australia, but it has been making waves in the US as it continues to grow and expand. Also, the global sportsbook is now a primary industry player, and this deal further strengthens its position. Now, payers can simply visit the PointsBet website and mobile app to bet on XFL games and get lucrative weekly offers and promotions.

President and chief operating officer of XFL, Jeffrey Pollack, is pretty excited after this latest announcement. He believes the deal can improve the growth of the XFL. PointsBet intends to market the football league aggressively over the next couple of weeks. 

It will also offer some exciting promotional opportunities around these games to all its customers. The XFL has indeed become an entertaining football brand and ushered in a massive fan base just over the first month of its season. As such, the betting operator views this deal as an amazing opportunity.

Like all deals of sportsbooks and leagues, this particular deal incorporates an agreement to collaborate and work on best-in-class practices for the XPL’s integrity. Valuable content data from PoinstBet will enable the XFL flag to unleash the full potential of its games. 

The public might think that more mixed games hit the US’s legal sports betting market, but the professional sports leagues would like to disagree with that. They are well aware that transparency and reliable data-sharing of legal bets would be a huge advantage in tackling shady influencers. The legal betting scenario should indeed identify that game-fixing or point-shaving is evident in pro sports.

PointsBet Sportsbook is currently open in Iowa and New Jersey. It also announced that it would launch in Michigan soon. The sportsbook is widely known for its player-friendly bonus deals and promotions on NBA, NFL, NCAA, MMA, Tennis, Golf and Nascar betting.

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