What is Points Betting?

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If you are wondering what is points betting, this article will provide a guide and examples to explain Points Betting,

Points betting is a special betting system available at PointsBet. PointsBet was launched in Australia in 2017 and is now hitting the streets of New Jersey. They are fronted by NBA MVP Point Guard Allen Iverson, who’s uniqueness is matched by PointsBet’s new approach to Online Sports Betting.

It offers a range of traditional odds markets, much the same as any other bookmaker. However, it also offers its special Points Betting system. This is a new way of betting which ups the stakes and the drama. Sign Up now to get access to an exciting new brand across the State of New Jersey.

Points Betting Explained

You might be asking, what is points betting? We’ll clear it up quick.

Points Betting is a whole new approach to betting which sees win or losses multiplied by how far over or under a given value you are. Wins, for instance, will be multiplied by the amount over the value you are. So, say you bet $10 on the total matched points between the New York Knicks vs the Chicago Bulls to be over 200 points.

The game ends up 102-108, so 210 points, which is 10 points greater than the value you bet on. This means that your stake, $10, is multiplied by a factor of 10, which means you win $100. This makes both winning and losing have higher stakes, as a bet can end up winning or losing you more money.

Points Betting

Say for instance the Knicks-Bulls game ends up being low scoring, with the teams only managing 160 points between them. This means that you’ll lose 40x the value of your stake, which is $400, which is way higher than your original stake.

As a result, in Points Betting you also have the chance to chose how much risk to expose yourself to. You can set an over and under cap on your bet, which limits both your winnings and losses. These will be equivalent for wins and losses.

We hope this has helped you with understanding points betting, which is available for a range of markets like football points or home runs. You can also watch this video, which also explains the system.

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Sports Available for Points Betting

PointsBet provides a range of sports which users can place bets on quickly and easily. All of the traditional American sports are well represented.

There are plenty of football, basketball, and baseball games covered throughout the year.

As well as major sports, there are other popular international sports available, like Rugby Union and of course as an Australian company, Aussie Rules Football. As well as sports there’s also the option to bet on alternative markets like Entertainment markets.

The selection of sports isn’t huge but is more than enough for the typical American consumer. You can get a special welcome bonus by using the PointsBet Promo Code and get two risk-free bets worth up to $1000.

PointsBet Betting Types


As we mentioned, Points Betting offers a wide range of opportunities to bet on different markets in a range of sports. For instance, you can bet on football points, like betting on over 30 points to be scored in the Patriots vs Broncos for instance. Or bet on a single player with field goal attempts, like betting on James Harden to have over 25, which is probably a good bet if it’s going.

You can also bet on specific quarters, or halves and can combine bets. For instance, you can bet on how much Steph Curry and Klay Thompson will score combined vs the Raptors. You can also bet on whether Steph Curry or Damian Lillard will have more points and get rewarded or crushed on a no-show or a blowout.

Here’s a selection of some of the major markets offered by PointsBet. They have one of the strongest market selections around:

  • Quarterback Completion %
  • Player Rushing Yards * Player Receiving Yards
  • Time of First Touchdown (in seconds)
  • Player Shooting Percentages
  • Time of the first basket by player
  • Player points multiples (Q1 pts multiplied by Q2 points),
  • Time in minutes played for players to pass 5pts/10pts/15pts etc,
  • Longest made FG distance in feet
  • Player Points * Assists * Rebounds

Customer Service

If you have any further queries then we recommend consulting the PointsBet website, which has some tools to help you understand what is points betting? You can also make use of the excellent FAQ section which has answers to a wide range of typical user questions.

If you’re an existing account holder or just fancy a chat, then you can get into contact with PointsBet’s customer service team over LiveChat or by email. In order to access the Live Chat feature, simply head onto the website and find the LiveChat icon. It’s that simple! For longer queries, users can also send an email over and expect a quick response.


PointsBet is truly a new and exciting way to bet and to raise the stakes. This is the only betting of its type currently available in the state of New Jersey.

It means really taking a careful appreciation of whatever sports game you’re watching and making sure that you bet wisely. Bet on NBA 3’s made or NFL points scored.

There are big wins and big losses to made using this style of betting, so users who prefer a traditional style of betting can also use PointsBet’s traditional gambling services. Sign up today to get access to a great range of promotions and offers when you join.


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